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Address: Xingye Wulu, Jinyuan Town, Dagu, Sichuan Province

Phone: 028-88269003

Fax: 028-88269004

Zip code: 611330

URL: http://en.cdjdjm.cn

Technological Capability


The company has introduced and implemented the technical standards and corresponding national standards of the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Germany and Korea respectively. At the same time, the company has established the enterprise standard of Cast Iron Camshaft Castings.

  • AnyCasting Design Assistant System

  • Casting Small Allowance Technology

  • Casting Hollow Production Technology


National High-tech Industry


Combination camshaft patent


Sichuan Enterprise Technology Center


Patent of Pneumatic Parts Turn-over Device

Chengdu Academician (Expert) Innovation Workstation


Patent of Torque Angle Tester for Combination Camshaft